FUSION Connect Group

In May 2017 we are setting up an all new FUSION CONNECT Group for young people in Year 10 and above.


CONNECT Groups are small groups of about 8-12 people that meet throughout the week. At St. John’s over 100 people are part of a CONNECT Group and we have decided to establish a group for the older members of FUSION.

The aims of CONNECT Groups are to connect with each other and develop relationships, as well as connecting with God through studying the bible and praying together.

Our FUSION CONNECT group will meet every fortnight at Ben and Hannah’s house and will be an opportunity to chat, play games and enjoy drinks and food together as well as learning more about how we can have faith in God and the impact this has on our lives.


The first CONNECT meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd May from 7:30 until 9pm and will be an opportunity to catch up after Quinta and discuss how we want to see this group develop in the new school year.

The dates for the rest of the Summer Term are as follows:

3rd May

17th May

7th June

21st June

5th July

19th July (Social Event: Pizza Hut, meet at 7pm)

As well as these dates we would also encourage people to come along to St. John’s Worship Central events on 24th May and 14th June to join with other CONNECT Groups from throughout the church to worship together and listen to bible teaching.

Anyone in Year 10 and above is welcome to attend, so come along and find out more!


FUSION CONNECT are celebrating the end of the school year by going to Pizza Hut on Wednesday 19th July! Speak to Ben and Hannah for a letter.