Quinta 2017: Saturday

Welcome to Saturday at Quinta 2017!

This was such an action packed day that we don’t really know where to start…

Everyone was up early on Saturday with all the excitement, even though some young people had had very little sleep! At 7:30 the leaders met together to pray and plan for the day ahead before breakfast was served at 8am. After sharing food together, there was a short amount of free time before we got into the day’s activities.



David the Warrior: Protected by God


Straight after breakfast we met together as a group to look at the next stage of David’s life, his encounter with Goliath. Once again we use a variety of prayer activities to help us reflect at the end of the session.

Oswestry Challenge

After bible study, FUSION went into the nearby town of Oswestry and completed the famous Oswestry Challenge. We had to go around the town collecting answers to questions as well as completing photo challenges. All the teams participated well and had a great time. The winners will be revealed in our celebration service on Sunday 7th May.

After this we all had some time to go shopping, particularly in the fantastic sweet shop! One group of young people were particularly touched by the generosity of a member of the public who, when stood in front of us in the Costa queue, offered to pay for their drinks. What an act of kindness to witness!

The weather was fantastic and we all spent some time in the park, playing frisbee, doing gymnastics or simply relaxing, before heading back to Quinta for lunch.

Musical Instruments

After lunch we joined members of the St. John’s Creative Arts Team (Alan, Liz and Emma) who had come to visit us for the day and made our own incredible musical instruments. This helped us remember that David was a musician who wrote lots of Psalms (particularly Psalm 150). Everyone got to make a different instrument and we all had a really enjoyable time. The boys particularly liked drumming outside in the sun!



This was the moment we’d all been waiting for – the indoor, heated swimming pool! We were split into two groups and had some free swimming time as well as some games together led by our brilliant lifeguard, Delphine! Where else are you going to here people singing Our God is a Great Big God in the swimming pool?!

David the Sinner: Forgiven by God

After tea we investigating another part of David’s life; his relationship with Bathsheba. A lot of us found it quite shocking that this David who we all think of as a Bible Hero could do something so bad! We discussed how David initially made the situation worse for himself but did eventually ask God for forgiveness.

Film Night

To round our evening off we all watched The Incredibles together. Before the film started we got changed into our pyjamas and brought pillows downstairs. We enjoyed popcorn together and had a break part way through for hot chocolate. Everyone was very tired and this was a great way to relax together – some people even fell asleep!


Ground Breakers:

Ground Breakers stayed on site all day and had loads of fun doing all sorts of activities. After breakfast they began by coming together to talk about the next part of David’s life, his fight against Goliath. Rowan and Thomas even re-enacted part of the story!


Musical Instruments

In the morning, Ground Breakers worked with the St. John’s Creative Arts Team to create some fantastic musical instruments. David wrote loads of Psalms (songs) to express his faith in God, so we wanted to create instruments to represent this ourselves. There was a lot of creativity (and noise) from all the young people.

Look out for the instruments at our fantastic All Age service on Sunday 7th May!

Outside Activities

In the afternoon we completed a treasure hunt around the grounds of Quinta, looking for jigsaw pieces to put together a model of Goliath (he’s 8ft tall!). The weather was brilliant and we enjoyed spending lots of time outside.



Everyone in Ground Breakers had a fabulous time using the swimming pool, there was lots of fun and games and Delphine made sure that everyone stayed safe! By tea time we were all very hungry and got to enjoy spaghetti bolognaise or lasagne with salad and garlic bread.

David the Sinner: Forgiven by God

After tea, we looked at the next part in our story of David and investigated how he was forgiven by God, even when David did something really wrong.


Film Night

In the evening, Ground Breakers watched A Bug’s Life to relax together before bed. They also had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows together and even enjoyed the rock buns they had made together earlier in the evening.

Everyone was very tired as we had packed so much into just one day!


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