Quinta 2017: We have arrived!

Some of the leaders arrived at Severn Lodge from 2pm and were really excited to be back on the Quinta site again. After arriving, the first thing that we had to do was unload all our cars and receive our massive Tesco food delivery! We were definitely not going to go hungry!


The first leader’s things to arrive…


We were also busy reorganising rooms and preparing for all our activities. After this there was a little bit of time to relax before everyone else arrives, so of course we had to test out the games room!


Leaders enjoying the Games Room

From about 5:30pm young people began to arrive with their families and we all had a BBQ together. It was great to see everyone settling in and getting to know the site; although over half of our 49 young people have been to Quinta before!


BBQ Time!

After everyone had arrived and been fed we split into our groups to begin our weekend’s activities…

Those in Ground Breakers went off to their meeting room and began to explore how David was chosen by God. They had lots of activities planned which included making name signs for their bedroom doors!


Meanwhile, in FUSION we began by playing a very exciting game of Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag. Two teams, each with glow sticks had to run around the site to find and capture their opposition team’s flag. Everyone had a great time and the RED (England) Team came out victorious!

After this we went back inside and split into smaller groups to investigate how David was chosen by God and what this means for us today. We ended our bible study time with a short prayer activity to help us reflect before hot chocolate and bed.

Before lights out, the leaders also had a meeting where Stuart gave a little talk based on the life of David. We also had an opportunity to pray together and thank God for a successful first evening. We can’t believe how much we got done in just one evening!



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