Whit Walk 2017

On Sunday 4th June FUSION joined with the rest of the St. John’s family to take part in our annual Whit Walk.


This is a local tradition where churches walk around their community to witness to those they see. ‘Whitsun’ is also called Pentecost, which comes 6 weeks after Easter and celebrates the birth of the Christian Church, when the Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ disciples.

Before we left church, Tim spoke to us about the importance of not just following the traditions of the church but to live it out every day.

At 10:30 we all gathered outside church with our brass band (thanks to New Mills Brass Band!) ready to leave together. For 2017 we had brand new banners which tell everyone who St. John’s church is and what we do.



Some members of FUSION came along to walk together and carry our banner. We enjoyed spending time together, walking and singing (as well as the snacks!), even if we did get caught in the rain!

When we returned to church everyone joined together for refreshments in the church centre; including the famous Raspberry Buns!



We hope to see even more people joining us next year 🙂


Goodbye Quinta 2017…

Overall, we all had a brilliant weekend away together and we have many things to praise God for – the fantastic weather, everyone getting along and the amazing contribution and different skills of all the adults involved.

A special thank you to…

Creative Art Team: Alan, Liz, Emma and Kevin

Swimming: Delphine

Kitchen Team: Sue, Stuart, Jean, Lucy and Heather

Don’t forget to join us for our special All Age Service on Sunday 7th May at 10:15am where we will be premiering the Quinta Movie, sharing what we got up to and giving out special awards. We would love everyone who came to Quinta to join us for this service and for their families and friends to find out even more about what we did.


We are already looking forward to next year!

Thank you for joining in!

From everyone on Team Quinta 🙂

Quinta 2017: Sunday

After an action packed day on Saturday, everyone needed to be woken up for breakfast on Sunday! Today we had croissants for breakfast, as well as toast and cereal.



Sunday Breakfast time

After breakfast, everyone studied the final part of our story of David and looked at how he became a Man After God’s Own Heart. In FUSION we used some of the Psalms he wrote to get an insight into his faith with God.


Walk together

The rest of Sunday morning was taken up everybody going on a walk in the Shropshire countryside together. We walked along lanes, through woods and fields before getting back to the Quinta site. In the middle of the walk we sat down for a break with chocolate biscuits. The walk was a great opportunity to chat together and find out what everyone had enjoyed about the weekend – it seems that the group’s favourite thing was the swimming pool!

Sunday Lunch

Before everyone went home we sat down together to enjoy a Sunday roast with all the trimmings! This was followed by apple crumble and custard. Some family members who arrived early got to enjoy the crumble too!

After all this, parents started to arrive and before long the site was quiet again.

The last leaders left the building at about 3:30pm and we were all very pleased to get home for a quiet, restful evening.

Quinta 2017: Saturday

Welcome to Saturday at Quinta 2017!

This was such an action packed day that we don’t really know where to start…

Everyone was up early on Saturday with all the excitement, even though some young people had had very little sleep! At 7:30 the leaders met together to pray and plan for the day ahead before breakfast was served at 8am. After sharing food together, there was a short amount of free time before we got into the day’s activities.



David the Warrior: Protected by God


Straight after breakfast we met together as a group to look at the next stage of David’s life, his encounter with Goliath. Once again we use a variety of prayer activities to help us reflect at the end of the session.

Oswestry Challenge

After bible study, FUSION went into the nearby town of Oswestry and completed the famous Oswestry Challenge. We had to go around the town collecting answers to questions as well as completing photo challenges. All the teams participated well and had a great time. The winners will be revealed in our celebration service on Sunday 7th May.

After this we all had some time to go shopping, particularly in the fantastic sweet shop! One group of young people were particularly touched by the generosity of a member of the public who, when stood in front of us in the Costa queue, offered to pay for their drinks. What an act of kindness to witness!

The weather was fantastic and we all spent some time in the park, playing frisbee, doing gymnastics or simply relaxing, before heading back to Quinta for lunch.

Musical Instruments

After lunch we joined members of the St. John’s Creative Arts Team (Alan, Liz and Emma) who had come to visit us for the day and made our own incredible musical instruments. This helped us remember that David was a musician who wrote lots of Psalms (particularly Psalm 150). Everyone got to make a different instrument and we all had a really enjoyable time. The boys particularly liked drumming outside in the sun!



This was the moment we’d all been waiting for – the indoor, heated swimming pool! We were split into two groups and had some free swimming time as well as some games together led by our brilliant lifeguard, Delphine! Where else are you going to here people singing Our God is a Great Big God in the swimming pool?!

David the Sinner: Forgiven by God

After tea we investigating another part of David’s life; his relationship with Bathsheba. A lot of us found it quite shocking that this David who we all think of as a Bible Hero could do something so bad! We discussed how David initially made the situation worse for himself but did eventually ask God for forgiveness.

Film Night

To round our evening off we all watched The Incredibles together. Before the film started we got changed into our pyjamas and brought pillows downstairs. We enjoyed popcorn together and had a break part way through for hot chocolate. Everyone was very tired and this was a great way to relax together – some people even fell asleep!


Ground Breakers:

Ground Breakers stayed on site all day and had loads of fun doing all sorts of activities. After breakfast they began by coming together to talk about the next part of David’s life, his fight against Goliath. Rowan and Thomas even re-enacted part of the story!


Musical Instruments

In the morning, Ground Breakers worked with the St. John’s Creative Arts Team to create some fantastic musical instruments. David wrote loads of Psalms (songs) to express his faith in God, so we wanted to create instruments to represent this ourselves. There was a lot of creativity (and noise) from all the young people.

Look out for the instruments at our fantastic All Age service on Sunday 7th May!

Outside Activities

In the afternoon we completed a treasure hunt around the grounds of Quinta, looking for jigsaw pieces to put together a model of Goliath (he’s 8ft tall!). The weather was brilliant and we enjoyed spending lots of time outside.



Everyone in Ground Breakers had a fabulous time using the swimming pool, there was lots of fun and games and Delphine made sure that everyone stayed safe! By tea time we were all very hungry and got to enjoy spaghetti bolognaise or lasagne with salad and garlic bread.

David the Sinner: Forgiven by God

After tea, we looked at the next part in our story of David and investigated how he was forgiven by God, even when David did something really wrong.


Film Night

In the evening, Ground Breakers watched A Bug’s Life to relax together before bed. They also had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows together and even enjoyed the rock buns they had made together earlier in the evening.

Everyone was very tired as we had packed so much into just one day!

Quinta 2017: We have arrived!

Some of the leaders arrived at Severn Lodge from 2pm and were really excited to be back on the Quinta site again. After arriving, the first thing that we had to do was unload all our cars and receive our massive Tesco food delivery! We were definitely not going to go hungry!


The first leader’s things to arrive…


We were also busy reorganising rooms and preparing for all our activities. After this there was a little bit of time to relax before everyone else arrives, so of course we had to test out the games room!


Leaders enjoying the Games Room

From about 5:30pm young people began to arrive with their families and we all had a BBQ together. It was great to see everyone settling in and getting to know the site; although over half of our 49 young people have been to Quinta before!


BBQ Time!

After everyone had arrived and been fed we split into our groups to begin our weekend’s activities…

Those in Ground Breakers went off to their meeting room and began to explore how David was chosen by God. They had lots of activities planned which included making name signs for their bedroom doors!


Meanwhile, in FUSION we began by playing a very exciting game of Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag. Two teams, each with glow sticks had to run around the site to find and capture their opposition team’s flag. Everyone had a great time and the RED (England) Team came out victorious!

After this we went back inside and split into smaller groups to investigate how David was chosen by God and what this means for us today. We ended our bible study time with a short prayer activity to help us reflect before hot chocolate and bed.

Before lights out, the leaders also had a meeting where Stuart gave a little talk based on the life of David. We also had an opportunity to pray together and thank God for a successful first evening. We can’t believe how much we got done in just one evening!


Quinta 2017 Blog

Welcome to the start of the Quinta 2017 blog!

We hope to keep you up to date with everything we are doing throughout the weekend (internet signal allowing). You can also keep up to date by following us on Instagram or on the St. John’s Church Facebook page.

This weekend has been a year in the planning and we are really excited that is now finally here and we can share it with so many young people! We are looking forward to all that God will do through this weekend and the friendships that will be developed in our groups and amongst the team. Thank you to everyone who has helped us and has prayed for us, we couldn’t do it without you!


If you are joining us tomorrow, we hope you will have a safe journey and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Stay tuned for more updates

With love from the Quinta Team 🙂

Spring Update

The Spring Term is over at FUSION and we have had a great term investigating some of life’s Big Questions. A few weeks ago we invited Tim (our vicar) and Stuart (our associate minister) to FUSION to answer some of the biggest questions we had and we had a really good evening.

As the end of the Easter Holidays approaches here is an update of what we have been up to…

FUSION Easter Social, Monday 27th March:

The last FUSION of the term was our Easter Social and as is tradition we held the ever popular Easter Egg Decorating Competition and Easter Egg Hunt.

There were lots of entries into the Easter Egg Competition and some of the young people had even planned their ideas before they came! The judging was open in the Church Centre until after Worship Group on the Friday evening. Prizes were given out on Easter Sunday and the results are as follows:


1st Place: Shosteggovich by Bethany


At the end of the evening we held our Easter Egg Hunt across the church and church centre. We bought a LOT of chocolate and so everyone was able to find loads. There were 10 special Creme Eggs hidden for those that were our expert hunters; however, at the end of the evening two eggs remained hidden!


Altogether it was a fantastic evening and 34 young people joined in. We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and we will see you at Quinta!

Looking Ahead:

Quinta is THIS weekend!

We’re really excited that Quinta is now only a few days away. If you have any last minute questions about our weekend away, please get in touch with Hannah or Ben as soon as possible.

While we’re away, look out for updates on what we are up to on our blog, Instagram or St. John’s Facebook page throughout the weekend

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Quinta Celebration All Age Service, Sunday 7th May:

Come and find out what we got up to at Quinta as a family on Sunday 7th May. As part of the 10:15am service we will be joining together to share what we got up to with the rest of the church family. There will be songs, talks and the premier of the Quinta 2017 video!

Why not invite family to find out more too.

FUSION Connect Group:

This new group will be for those in Year 9 and above and will be starting after the Easter break. We will meet in Ben and Hannah’s house and will be able to investigate life’s big questions in a deeper way. A day and time will be sent out to those concerned as soon as possible.

For more information, speak to Hannah and Ben.

ROCK SOLID Breakfast returns after Quinta, Sunday 30th April

FUSION returns on Monday 1st May with a Bank Holiday Social, 7:30 until 9pm in the Church Centre.

Apologies for the long break, but we will all need a rest (and to catch up on homework) after Quinta!

Spring Term 2017 at FUSION!

FUSION returned for 2017 on 9th January with a Social Evening involving lots of games and glow sticks!


Glow Stick fun to start 2017

We had a great time catching up, eating snacks and running around hunting glow sticks!

Big Questions:

This week we began our series for the Spring Term looking at the Big Questions of Life. We plan to run this series up until Easter investigating ultimate questions and what God has to say about these issues.

To get us thinking about the topic we all created collages of what we thought the Big Questions in life are.

Here are some examples of the work we created…


If you want to get involved with FUSION, why not come along on a Monday night and find out more.

We have a social time from 7:30, followed by games and a short session investigating one of the Big Questions each week. Everyone in Years 7 – 13 is invited.

Here is our Spring Term schedule:


23rd January Did God create the world?
30th January Did God create me?
6th February How do we know God exists?
13th February  Half Term
20th February If God is real/loving, why is there suffering in the world?
27th February I’m a good person, why do bad things happen to me?
6th March Do we have free will to make our own decisions?
13th March Does heaven exist?
20th March Ask the vicars – big questions
27th March Easter Social

We hope you will be able to join us soon!


Christmas Events at FUSION 2016

Christmas is approaching and there are loads of things that you can get involved with at FUSION this Advent.

FUSION Christmas Party:

Monday 19th December 7:30 until 9pm

The last FUSION of 2016 will be our Christmas Party with games, biscuit decorating, party food and a Christmas fancy dress competition. Fancy dress is optional and should be anything on a Christmas theme; there will be prizes for the best dressed!

It would be great to see lots of people there; if you would like to invite friends please speak to Ben or Hannah so that we can make sure that we have the correct amount of resources and food. Any questions, just ask.


Events at St. John’s:

Christingle Service Sunday 4th December at 10:15am

We want to invite everyone who is involved in FUSION to come and join our Christingle service on Sunday 4th December. This will be an All Age service with activities for everyone in the family. There will be songs (including carols), a short talk and Christingles towards the end of the service. Even if you have never been to one of our services before we would love to see you. The service will last about an hour and there will be tea/coffee and toast in the church centre afterwards.


Nativity from Scratch: Sunday 18th December at 10:15am

An opportunity for the whole church family to get involved with a Nativity play! Dressing up is optional but everyone is encouraged to join in. There will be prizes for the best dressed child and adult! The service will last just under an hour, with refreshments afterwards.

Carols by Candlelight: Sunday 18th December at 6:30pm

Every year hundreds of people from all over Tameside come along to our Carol Services. This is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends to come and sing traditional carols (and some new ones) by candlelight. Get there early to make sure you get the best seat. Mince pies and refreshments will be served after the service.


Christmas Eve Midnight Communion Service at 11:30pm

This is a great way to welcome in Christmas Day with a late night service, which includes carols, a short talk and communion. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Christmas Day Celebration at 10:15am

An interactive All Age service for everyone to celebrate Christ’s birth together. There will be carols, a short talk and communion. Bring your presents along to show off to the congregation!


We would love to see lots of members of FUSION and their families getting involved with our Christmas activities. If you would like any more information about them then either get in touch through this blog or by speaking to Ben and Hannah.



FUSION Update October Half Term

We have had a great start to the academic year at FUSION with over 35 different young people coming to at least one of our events. Here is our review of the term so far…


Sunday Breakfast:

This term we are beginning our series studying the story of the Bible, as well as having breakfast together during the 10:15 service, we are creating a piece of artwork that we hope will be put on display when it is completed. So far we have looked at how God created a perfect world so that humans could live in a relationship with him, but unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan and sin came into the world.

We will be having a break for half term this week (23rd October) but we will be back on 30th October.

FUSION (Mondays 7:30 until 9pm):

This term at FUSION, as well spending time getting to know each other and playing games, we are having visitors from throughout the St. John’s congregation come and share their story about how they became a Christian and the impact it has had on their life. The series began with Hannah and Ben sharing their stories; since then we have a wide range of stories, from the dramatic and at times scary, to the gradual processes of going to church all their lives.


Abe the dog really enjoyed his first visit to FUSION when his owner, Trev, shared his story as part of our Autumn series.

FUSION is having a break for Half Term over the next two weeks (24th and 31st October). We will be back as normal on Monday 7th November.

Coming Up – Laser Quest 12th November:

We have arranged a trip to Laser Quest at the Trafford Centre for Saturday 12th November. Letters have been sent out and there is a limit on the number of places available. If you would like to come but haven’t sent back your letter then you need to return it as soon as possible before 1st November – there’s only 5 spaces left!


If you are joining us for Laser Quest then we will be meeting at the Trafford Centre at 10:45, playing two games (with a 25 minutes break in the middle) and should be finished by about 12:30. Thanks to all those who have offered lifts, we will be arranging them and getting in contact with you in the next couple of weeks. Payment can be made any time up to the day.

Any problems please speak to Hannah or Ben.